Thursday, January 12, 2012


Well, it was only a matter of time before some of DC's New 52 titles got cancelled, but I really thought they'd try to publish all of them for at LEAST a year. No such luck as the ax is falling on six titles in April:
Men of War(fine by me)
Mister Terrific(never read it)
Static Shock(please put Scott McDaniel on something awesome)
Blackhawks(damn shame)
OMAC(it wasn't that bad)

-I'm really dissapointed about Hawk & Dove, it got a bad rap right off the bat because Rob Liefeld's name was attached to it. It was a fun, nostalgic book that was really entertaining straight-forward super hero goodness. Well, at least we got 8 issues out of it. And I have to say I'm less than impressed by the six titles that are replacing it:
Batman Incorporated(Shouldn't have gone away in the first place!)
Earth 2(OK, this one I'm REALLY excited about!)
World's Finest(Huntess & Power Girl. I give it 6 issues)
Dial H(But, it's SPOOKY this time, it's GOT to work!)
GI Combat(You just cancelled 2 war books, so replacing it with another war book is a really smart move)
The Ravagers(Howard Mackie & Ian Churchill. I'm gonna put on my Hypercolor pants and play with my Tamagotchi)
-I shouldn't be this harsh, but those last 3 books seem really unnecessary. But, props to DC for taking some risks. Although I can't help but think-an Art Baltazar/Franco Captain Carrot book would be REALLY fun!