Saturday, May 31, 2014

What I thought of...Batman Eternal #8

Batman Eternal #8: Like the Doobie Brothers, Batman is Takin It to the Streets!!!!
The Good: There is a LOT of good in this issue!! And talk about a page-turner! I found myself burning through this issue, because it's filled with action. Batman is on a tear trying to take down Falcone and all his gangs and hideouts. We get a nice couple of pages of Stephanie Brown and the conflict with her...let's just say problems. Something pretty big happens in the end, and while it's pretty surprising, it makes me wonder just where the story is going.
The Bad: If I had to pick something bad about this issue, I'd say it reads too quick. But, again, it's only because it's full of high octane action.
The Verdict: BUY. IT. And do it NOW!!

HayesWatch 2: This Time it's Personal!!!

Tonight's Episode: The Self-Destruction of Jimmy PS Hayes*
Week 8: "I'm afraid I've got some bad news......"
Current Weight: 224.9!!!!!!! Um, yeah. I got nothing. Not sure how I put on almost 4 pounds, but I did. EPIC FAIL!!
Exercise: Oh yeah, THIS is why I put on 4 pounds. Cause I didn't do shit this week. Lame!!! This can't be the norm anymore.
Blood Sugar Levels: Again, not great. They seem to be getting too high in the mornings, so I might have to adjust my long acting insulin that I take before bed.
Mystery Problem: Here's the only GOOD thing about this week. The mystery problem-GONE!!!!! So, it's time to come clean on what it was. I had a diabetic ulcer on my leg. Now, PLEASE DO NOT Google diabetic ulcer, because you will find pictures that will make you vomit. Seriously, trust me on this one. My wasn't THAT bad, but, it was still a threat. Thankfully, with some medicine and treating it every day, I went to the doctor and he gave me a clean bill of health(as far as that's concerned). So, to this I can say AWESOME!!!!
Lesson Learned: My health seems to be taking a backseat to the rest of my life. And that's not cool. As the weeks go by, I realize that something crucial was missing from all of this. So, this week, I'm going to try and stay quiet and concentrate on educating myself. And putting together what's missing.
*-Thanks to Patrick Brower for this week's title.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

What I thought of...Batman Eternal #7

Batman Eternal #7: New players enter the gang war that's setting Gotham City ablaze!!
The Good: Woof. Not much. I thought that last week's issue was the worst that I've read of this series, but this one was even worse. A couple of story lines did move forward, there was some more introductions of new characters into the fray, a couple of fun team-ups, and a VERY interesting turn of events.
The Bad: There's a lot. I felt that this issue wasn't written as well as it should be. More than anything story wise, the biggest thing that I didn't like about this issue was the art. I'm just NOT a fan of Emanuel Simeoni. His art really doesn't fit this issue, let alone this series. I hope his run on this book is short. REALLY short.
The Verdict: I really CAN'T believe I'm saying this, but you might want to skip this issue. Now, I know this goes directly against what I said last week, but seriously, this issue was not that good and I'm sure that the things that happened in this week's issue will be recapped in future issues of the book.

HayesWatch 2: This Time it's Personal!!!

This Weeks Episode: Slow & steady sometimes is just slow & steady
Week 7: A slow week. And I mean that in every way possible.
Current Weight: 221.6. WAIT!!! I put ON a little over a pound!! That's not supposed to happen!! BOOO!! It seems that 220 is a barrier that I just can't seem to break. BUT, I'm sure as hell gonna try.
Exercise: Not much really, which would explain the above number. Again, have to start thinking that it's NOT optional and that it HAS to be done, no matter what.
Blood Sugar Levels: Surprisingly, they were OK this week. Nothing too out of control.
Mystery Problem: Again, slowly but surely getting better. Next week, I have a doctors appointment, so I'm anxious to see what he says.
Lesson Learned: If you want to make a difference, in ANY way, in ANY area of your life, you actually have to START by taking action, and not putting it off.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

What I thought of...Batman Eternal #6

Batman Eternal #6: Batwing joins the mess and special guest star Jim Corrigan!!
The Good: There's a LOT going on. And I mean a LOT a LOT. Not just filled with action, but it's all over the place. From Batwing to Batman to Arkham Asylum back to Batwing & Jim Corrigan-you get the idea. This issue's script is written by Ray Fawkes, and you can tell the difference. I'm not sure if he's taking care of the "creepy, supernatural" parts of the book(I assume that would be Seeley's job), but the book has a noticeably different feel to it. A change in tone that's pretty dramatic, not because of the difference of the writer, because that's what this issue NEEDS.
The Bad: As I said above, there's a LOT going on. Almost have to keep a scorecard and old issues handy at this point. It's nothing bad, but I thought that there would be a point by now that the writers would stop introducing new story lines.
The Verdict: Even though this is my least favorite issue of the series so far, I say buy it. BUT, I have to warn you-I think this is the make it or brake it issue. From here, you're either in or your out. And, I'm in. 100%.

Hayeswatch 2: This Time it's Personal!!

This Week's Episode: The Rabbit that ate Las Vegas
Week 6: It's funny how Thursday turns into Sunday isn't it? Woops! Sorry about that, been another busy week. And, I'm happy to report, a very GOOD week!
Current Weight: 220.8. That's down a pound from last week, and while it doesn't set any weight loss records, it's a loss and I'm happy.
Exercise: Not really much to speak of this week. Hit the treadmill a couple of times, but that's about it. Gotta do better this week!!
Blood Sugar Levels: A little on the high side this week. I'm gonna blame the lack of exercise. Needs improvement.
Mystery Problem: Took a turn for the better this week! But, I don't want to jinx anything so I'm staying cautiously optimistic. Grade: B
Lesson Learned: I believe it was Mr. T. that said "talk is cheap, sucka!!". And, he was right. You can talk all you want and "mean to" eat less, eat better, exercise, ect. to improve your life, but if you don't actualy DO SOMETHING you're not going to get the results that you want. I have to admit, it's embarrasing writing this week after week and saying "Well, it's only 1 pound, but it's better than nothing." It's only ONE POUND better than nothing. I can do this. I WILL do this, and it's time that I start changing my lifestyle to reflect that.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

What I thought of...Batman Eternal #5

Batman Eternal #5: Red Robin flies into Gotham as Harper & Cullen Row get caught up in the mystery!
The Good: Oh MAN!!! Just when you thought you knew where this story was going and what it was about...YOU DON'T!! That's right, the writers throw a BRAND NEW MYSTERY into the mix!!! And Red Robin shows up to join the action. This issue is chock-full of awesomeness.
The Bad: Again, just like last week, the Gotham gang war only gets mentioned a little bit. But, when you're telling a story that is this many parts, you can't spend all your time with one story line.
The Verdict: Just like the last 4 weeks, I'm saying BUY IT!!! New artist, new mystery....what's not to love?!??!?!?!?!

Hayeswatch 2: This Time it's Personal!

Week 5: This. Week. Was. Shit.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

What I thought of...Batman Eternal #4

Batman Eternal #4: Batman battles Batgirl as Jim Gordon's troubles take a turn for the worse!!
The Good: Another awesome issue!! This issue, the focus splits a little and spotlights the relationship between Batgirl and Batman during this whole Commissioner Gordon crisis. The writers REALLY strain the relationship but are careful not to brake it, but they really pull it apart as much as they can. Meanwhile, we get to spend some time with Jim Gordon, who's basically given up on his case and accepts his fate, and that begins the journey of a VERY interesting road.
The Bad: I guess I would have to be most disappointed in that in this issue, the creative team took the focus away off the gang war and crime itself. Now, there IS a major development in the case, but it's yet to be a proven lead, and the real culprit is still miles away from being identified. Also, the gang war that started last issue, looks to have stopped for a brief minute, which is kind of weird pacing wise.
The Verdict: Worth the time and worth the money!!...just like the three issues before it. Keep going with this one, Batfans, it is gonna be SOOOO worth it in the end!!

HayesWatch 2: This Time it's Personal!

This Weeks Episode: Hydro Man wins at Last!
Week 4: Another pretty busy week caused by a huge-ass flood that destroyed a TON of damage. Including comics, toys, original art, clothes, etc. A lot of collectors have been through something like this, I've helped a bunch of friends clean up messes caused by water and, like everyone else, I never thought it would happen to me.
Current Weight: 221.8 Cool! I'm down 3 pounds from last week, which is fine. I was hoping for a little bit more, but I'll take it.
Exercise: Walking, walking, walking and then some more walking. Now. weeks are going from Thursday to Thursday, so 2 days at a convention and 1 day at the Kane County Toy Show adds up to a lot of miles. Also, through in 2 miles on the treadmill Monday and 2 miles on Tuesday, and there you go. I have all my weights and stuff down in the basement, and they did get wet, but that doesn't hurt them, but it's still a mess and kinda smells from all the water.
Blood Sugar Levels: Were about the same as last week, no real change.
Mystery Problem: Slow and steady wins the race. No DRASTIC improvement, but there IS improvement, so that's good. This week I'll give it a C+ just like last week.
Lesson Learned: Things can be replaced. And, for the love of God, PLEASE put your comics up on shelves. You can get them at Home Depot for like $20. Seriously. Do this.