Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Hot Girl Wednesday starring...The Incredible ALEXIS FORD!!!!!!!

Alexis Ford is one of my favorite girls of ALL TIME. She's gorgeous, she's talented, she's funny and she's also a LOT of fun!!! She's one of the nicest girls in the business that I've ever met-and believe me, I've met more than my fair share-and, it's my opinion that when all is said & done, she'll be one of the girls that crosses into mainstream status and becomes an even bigger star than she is now. But, why the hell am I talking? How about some pictures?

Am I right or am i right? If you haven't, you should definately check out her official site here, you also follow her on twitter here. And, you can even watch a short interview with this super hot hottie right here:

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

What I thought of...Captain America #7

Captain America #7: Cap is in a pretty bad way. He's beyond exhausted, totally alone and having to take on Zola's army to try and get to his son. Add to that, he's got to fight about a TRILLION Zola genetic monsters and you get quite an action packed story.
The Good: There's a lot of good story here. As much as I like Cap when he's on Earth and being a hero, this off world adventure arc is a nice change of pace. The issue is packed with cliffhangers, with a last page one that you will NOT believe! Some great turns in this issue as well.
The Bad: Hmmmmm. Not really sure about the bad this time around. I'm sure there was something that I didn't like, but the good made me forget it.
The Verdict: Grab it! It's totally fun. And that's what you need in comics sometimes.

Monday, May 27, 2013

What you should buy-5/29/13

It's a 5 Wednesday month, so this week is a little light on releases. But, there's some pretty exciting stuff coming out, though. Let's take a look!
Captain America #7: Great issue! Cap vs the whole damn Zola planet!!! And, some pretty shocking twists and surprises!!
King Conan:The Hour of the Dragon #1: GREAT GREAT first issue featuring an older, wiser Conan who still finds a way to get into trouble. Written by Tim Truman, who really know how to tell a good Conan story.  That, combined with some fantastic art by Tom├ís Giorello make this book a winner!
GI Joe #4: YO JOE!!! This book just keeps getting better and better! I just got two words for ya-SCRAP. IRON!!!!!
Smallville Season 11 Special #1: In all honesty, I'm really liking this series. This special issues features BATMAN and NIGHTWING!! What's not to love?
Previews #297: Featuring comics & awesome stuff that hit in August!! Do your retailer a favor-buy it and USE IT!!
X-Men #1: Yes, they're all women.
Danger Girl: Trinity #2: I love me some Danger Girl. I'm SO glad this title is back as a series of mini series. It's fun, smart and entertaining. And, it features hot girls. No brainer!
As always, if it's Wednesday, I'll be at Challengers Comics + Conversation. Stop by and buy all these things and more! Next week's got some great stuff, see you then!!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hot Girl Wednesday starring...Teagan Presley!!!

Here she is, boys, one of my FAVORITE girls in the world. She started in the industry in 2004, and the industry's never been the same since! She's won award after award after award. One of the most talented and gorgeous girls on the planet. Gentlemen, I give you, Ms. Teagan Presley...

You can follow her on twitter here, and check out her official site right here. There's also a great interview with her over at Rock Confidential and you can check out an interview with with her right now..

Monday, May 20, 2013

What you should buy...5/17/13

Not too big of a week this week, but that doesn't mean there's not anything good out. Let's take a look...
The Savage Hawkman #20: BOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Last issue. I've really enjoyed Hawkman having his own book again. Hopefully there won't be too much time between this one and the next one.
Masks #7: I love this book. It's the Justice League of pulp heroes. You should all be reading it!
Aquaman #20: This issue is written by John Ostrander. Aquaman teams up with The Others!
Superior Spider-Man #10: Ugh. It's really good. but I'm sick of this Doc Ock shit. It would've been cute for like 6 issues. Can't someone else write this title now?
Daredevil #26: I don't recommend Daredevil enough. It's awesomely written and the art is gorgeous! It never ceases to amaze me, month in and month out!
The New Ghostbusters #4: I love this book. Burnham's writing is always spot on, and Dan Schoening's art is perfect..
Flash #20: Uh-oh.
Flash Gordon: Zeitgeist TPB: Collecting the BEST mini series of last year, you get all action packed, fast paced, awesome issues from the series. HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION. POSSIBLY. POSSIBLE.
-As always, if it's New Comic Wednesday, I'll be at Challengers Comics + Conversation RIGHT HERE in Chicago, IL. Come by and grab all these things and MORE!!!! And next week.................