Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What I thought of...Iron Man #9

Iron Man #9: The Secret Origin of Tony Stark begins!!!...sort of. I was disappointed to learn, that this is just a prologue to the story, and in fact, it doesn't have much to do with the Secret Origin of Tony Stark, at least until the last 2 pages.
The Good: It's not a bad comic at all, quite the opposite, it's a fun issue with Tony teaming up with Death's Head. It's a lot of fun, but just not what I was expecting. The art is really good, and again, it's a good, fun, issue. But, it's next issue that it REALLY starts to pick up.
The Bad: Not to beat the point to death, but it's NOT what's advertised. And that was a HUGE disappointment.
The Verdict: Skip it. Pick up the next issue. While this issue is fun, it's not necessary to the whole story line.

Hot Girl Wednesday-Starring Kristen Price!!!!

The hottest thing to come out of Rhode Island since...well...anything, Kristen Price hit the scene a handful of years ago and has since been nominated for many awards including the AVN actress of the year! And, after watching her, it's VERY easy to see that her best work is still yet to come....

While she doesn't have an official website (that I could find), you can follow her on twitter here, and here's a couple of videos that I'm sure you'll enjoy. 

What I thought of...The Superior Spider-Man #9

Superior Spider-Man #9: Oh boy. I think a lot of people are gonna go ape-shit over this issue. Last issue, Doc Ock discovered that there was still a little Peter Parker inside his head. This issue.........let's just say he "deals with it". Just about anything I say about this issue would be a spoiler, so, I won't. BUT, I do think that issue is gonna go down as one of the classic Spider-Man stories.
The Good: Besides being a AWESOME story, there's some really great character study in this issue. Like the issue of Amazing Spider-Man where Spidey's buried under the rubble and he has to will his way out. Yeah, I don't remember the issue number. Sorry. And Ryan Stegman's back! What a treat for the eyes. He REALLY poured his all into this issue. There's TONS of emotional stuff going on here, and he's able to make is show threw the characters faces like I've rarely seen before.
The Bad: OK, I know this is picky, but I think that's about the WORST cover I've ever seen in my life. Does it fit the story? Yeah, it does. But it is UGLY!!! As I said, this is going to go down as one of the essential Spider-Man reads in years to come, it's a shame that this cover will always be tied to it.
The Verdict: Really? OF COURSE you should buy this!!! NOW!!!!!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hot Girl Wednesday-Samantha Saint!!!

You'd be hard pressed to find a more gorgeous girl than Samantha Saint. And, saint wouldn't exactly be the first word that came to mind when looking at these pictures. Since 2006, we've had the pleasure of watching Ms. Saint..um....be really hot and she doesn't show any signs of slowing down. And I'm SUPER glad about that.

You can check out her official website here, and follow her on twitter here. You should do both. Seriously.

What you should buy-4/24/13

Not a huge week this week, but still some good stuff. BUT, the biggest news comes AFTER Wednesday, right Chicago?!?!?!?!?!
Superman Family Adventures #12: Sadly, the last issue. This has been one of my favorite Superman books ever!! Thanks for everything, Art & Franco!!
Flash #19: I got two words for ya...............REVERSE FLASH!!!!
GI Joe #3: You'll buy this because it's good. VERY good. SUPER good. And then you'll go see GI Joe Retaliation!
All Star Western #19: Can't tell you why, but the surprise guest is BOOSTERRIFIC!!!
KISS Starchild: Read this and you'll rock and roll all night and party everyday (individual results may vary) !!!!
Guardians of the Galaxy #2: This book is awesome!!! Buy it!!

Yes, comics are awesome. BUT, the real awesomeness comes Friday, Saturday and Sunday when C2E2 starts!!!
I'll be at the Challengers Comics booth (Booth #333) every day of the show, so stop by and say hi! I mean it!!! And would it kill you to bring me a diet coke? I'm stranded at the booth!!!!!!