Thursday, September 29, 2011

Jimmy's Dance Party!!

2 VERY different songs today. First, a cover of one of my favorite songs by Robbie Williams:
next, a wicked hot girl signing a catchy song:
Happy Friday everybody!!!

And being hot is half the battle....

Not that Rachel Nichols and Sienna Miller weren't enough in the first GI Joe movie, but it looks like director Jon M. Chu is turning up the heat for GI Joe:Retaliation in a totally different way. One, that I for one, am totally fine with. In addition to adding REAL star power(Bruce Willis, The Rock, Ray Stevenson,)he's decided to throw in some WICKED hot girls. Like........

And singer Nikki Leonti:

No guesses on just WHAT she'll be singing, but I pray to God it's this:

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Take me home! For just $4!!!!

So, The Most Electrifying Man in Comic Retail is on a limited edition copy of Ghostbusters #1!!! If you live in Chicago, swing by Challengers Comics and grab one. If you DON'T, you can get your right here, but they're on sale starting TODAY!!!! And just to get you in the mood:

Hot Girl Wednesday!!!-SPECIAL EDITION!!

Last week, it was brought to my attention that I, like most gentlemen, prefer blonds. That's not necessarily the case. Here is, for your viewing pleasure, one of my FAVORITE brunettes-Ms. Jenna Presley!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Guess who's having the BEST DAY EVER??!?!?!

Yeah, it's this guy. First off, check out the new blog header. Many thanks go out to Mr. Patrick Brower. He's the best of the best.
-Second, Dynamite swoops in outta nowhere and announces that they're doing TARZAN comics!!! How awesome is that? Here's one of the covers to the first issue
I have to admit, my love of Tarzan comes straight from the 70's/80's Filmation cartoon. Take a peak:
-This cartoon blew me away when I was a kid.
-So then, let's move on to comics. AQUAMAN #1 comes out tomorrow and if you're lucky enough to be in Chicago, you HAVE to go over to Challengers Comics and pick up a FREE GOLDFISH when you buy a copy!!!!.
Finally, my life long dream of being a GHOSTBUSTER becomes a reality!!! Tomorrow, Ghostbusters #1 goes on sale, and your collection is NOT complete without the Jimmy PS Hayes cover!!
It's being sold EXCLUSIVELY at Challengers Comics. Now, if you're not in Chicago, you can pick one up here. And you'll have my eternal gratitude. Oh yeah, on top of all this, there's a new HAWKMAN comic coming out tomorrow. For me, the only way it could get better is if scientist discovered the cure for diabetes was having sex with Paris Hilton.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hail to the King, Baby!!!!

I couldn't let today go by without wishing a Happy Birthday, to one of my favorite super heroes...
That's right, 70 years ago today, Aquaman debuted on newsstands everywhere. And what better birthday present than a BRAND NEW ONGOING series by actual A-List comic book talent?
Here's a couple of my favorite Aquaman cartoons that are always fun to watch:

-And by sure to check out Aquaman #1 THIS Wednesday, September 28th. And hey, if you're in Chicago................................

Friday, September 23, 2011

Hot Girl Wednesday!!! FRIDAY EDITION!!

OK, sue me. It was a pretty busy week for me. So, I'll shut up now and let you look at the gorgeous Alexis Ford. Enjoy!t

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


To put it bluntly, this issue left me feeling a little disappointed. But, ONLY in the fact that this comic is based on a screenplay that WILL NEVER be made. Folks, if this movie would've gotten made, it would have been THE most balls-out, over-the-top, thrill-ride action movie of ANY summer. We're talking like Jurassic Park in 1993 big. But, enough about movies. Thankfully Dynamite saw fit to turn this into a comic series and we are SO lucky that they did. First, if you haven't checked out my review of issue #1, you can do so here.
-Simply put, this issue is better than the last. First issues are always all set up, so now that we know who everyone is and what they do, we can get into the real meat of the story. Like I stated in my last review, it's been awhile since I've read Kevin Smith's screenplay that this is based on, so I can't remember exactly what's been added and taken out, but WOW this issue is PACKED with story, mystery, and action. Just like EVERY comic book should be. Phil Hester does a fantastic job at pacing the story, and Jonathan Lau's art is out of control awesome. There's lots of action heavy pages in this issue. And I mean HEAVY! Yet, with Lau's art you never get the "things are happening to fast that I can't really tell what's going on" feeling that you get with some artists. Hats off to the creative team for an outstanding job.
-Most impressive about this issue, though, is the shocks and surprises that are thrown at you. You don't normally find that in licensed comics today, and TRUST ME, I'd know. Let's face it, even if you have never seen the TV show, you know what's going to happen to Steve Austin. I mean, c'mon, the book is call The Bionic Man, not The Dead Astronaut. But there are shocks, surprises and twists on almost every other page. Questions answered you didn't even know where asked, mysteries uncovered that you wouldn't see coming a mile away. This is, simply put, a fantastic comic. And the best part? We're just getting started. This issues are only going to get better. Better. Stronger. Faster.

*Footnote-As an added bonus that has absolutely NOTHING to do with The Bionic Man, this issue features a GORGEOUS double page ad for Dynamite's upcoming Flash Gordon: Zeitgeist series. First issues out in November, it's 32 pages and it's only $1.00. PRE-ORDER. IT. NOW. It looks AMAZING!!!!!!!

Monday, September 19, 2011


The second issue hits on this Wednesday. I'm gonna just shut up and let you look at these fantastic pages. Can't wait!!!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Dance Party Friday!

OK, it's Friday, it's 5 o'clock, time to get off your ass and let off some steam because the weekends here!!! And what better way to do that than with a song from all time great-and fellow diabetic-Patti Labelle from one of my favorite movies of all time, Beverly Hills Cop!
Happy weekend everybody!!!
PS-Why does every 80's band have a guy dressed like a sailor? Kinda creepy.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Comic Review-GI Joe: A Real American Hero #170

WOW! LOTS going on this issue. But then, you have to remember your're reading a comic with almost 30 years of continuity and a limitless cast of characters and villains. The thing I love about this book is that Larry Hama can still pull GI Joe mythology outta thin air. And, I guess, if anyone is allowed to, he is. But, the best thing about this title is that it's the Joes as we know and love them. In all these years, their personalities haven't changed, and neither have Cobras. There's actually a couple of laugh out loud moments from Cobra Commander here that are pretty great. I guess if I had one problem with this comic, it's that we only get about two pages at a time with each character or team and when you're dealing with this many people, it's not nearly enough. But, at least you get to see everyone you want to at least for a little bit.
-Artist S L Gallant does a great job. I don't know if it's him on his own, or from Larry Hama's scripts, but there's some great sight gags in this issue like back in the original series. Another home run issue for this book!


Another great issue!!! This one's not as quite as fast-paced and action packed as the last, but still, a really good read. There's a LOT of talking heads in this book, but that's not necessarily a bad thing in this case. It's a nice catch-up as to what's gone down so far-from a certain point of view. Mike Costa keeps the dialogue quick, sharp and to the point, with a dash of character added in. We learn some new secrets and there's a couple of real "HOLY CRAP" moments in this one. We've got 3 more months before the Cobra Civil War ends, and I have a feeling that a LOT of MAJOR events haven't even started yet. These next 3 issues are going to be a lot of fun!
-I can't end this review without mentioning artist Werther Dell'Edera. A GREAT choice for this issue and honestly, he should be on a monthly GI Joe book-or ANY monthly comic book for that matter. I love Antonio Fuso, but this was a nice change of pace. Much to my surprise, COBRA is quickly becoming my favorite GI Joe monthly title.

Comic Review:COBRA #4

OK, this Cobra Civil War story is REALLY getting good. This issue is primarily a Major Bludd story, and he's one of my favorites, so I was bound to like this from the start. I love how writer Mike Costa has turned EVERY single Cobra member into a credible threat for the Joes-and also for the other members of Cobra as well. There's some BIG things that happen in this issue, so I'll try and dance around the spoilers as much as I can.
-We get PLENTY of action, not just talking in this issue. We also get to see the slightest glimpse of Bludd's personal life and just how incredible different that is. Costa does a great issue continually showing just how dangerous Bludd is, who he's in league with and who he controls. At this point in the game, I really have no clue just who will end up being Cobra Commander when the war is over and the dust is settled.
-The art chores in this issue is split between series artist Antonio Fuso & Chee. I'll admit, I've never seen Chee's artwork before, but it's really nice. Totally fits the book. Overall, this issue really picks up the pace of the whole CCW story and really gets you excited for what's coming next. BUY IT!!


NO, that's not a mistake. I meant HOLY CAP!!! As in Captain America! Just announced today, the two 1979 Captain America made for TV movies are being released on DVD on October 18th. As a 6 year old kid watching these, I thought they were the COOLEST thing I'd ever seen(next to the Six Million Dollar Man)and are actually what made me start reading Captain America comics. Will the movies hold up 30 years later? Um.....I'll let you be the judge.

Hot Girl Wednesday!!!

Jesse Jane is, bar none, probably the hottest girl in the whole world. Here's why: