Sunday, March 8, 2009


FINALLY!!!! May brings a new Buck Rogers comic!! It was announced LAST YEAR, and I've been waiting for this ever since! Published by Dynamite Entertainment, written by Scott Beatty and art by Carlos Rafael. And the first issue is just .25¢. Sound pretty good so far. Scott Beatty spoke to Comic Book Resources about the book recently, and after reading the interview, I'm damned excited.
-Yes, I'm a big fan of Flash Gordon too, but Buck Rogers will always be my favorite. Due in large part to the 1979 TV Series. Do I wish the upcoming comic was a little more like the TV show? Sure. But I'm still really excited about it. I'm even going to throw my first "Launch Party" at the store! Maybe even a midnight opening and some other awesome stuff.
-I've also come across some AWESOME Buck Rogers art by a guy on Deviantart. Wait, it's too good to cram into this post. I'll do another story on him soon. (Hopefully)Look for an interview with Scott Beatty soon here and over at work's website!

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