Friday, April 15, 2011

GI Joe #0 review-COBRA CIVIL WAR!!!!

"War does not determine who is right - only who is left." ~Bertrand Russell

This comic is basically 3 original previews of IDW's upcoming GI Joe line which includes, GI Joe, COBRA and the new Snake Eyes ongoing series. AND IT'S AWESOME! First, we get the GI Joe preview featuring a team of Joe's investigating the abandoned town of Springfield. No spoilers, but it's explosive and introduces a new villain into the GI Joe brand. I can't wait to get his action figure.
Next up, we head over to see what the good, I mean nasty, folks at COBRA are up to. This story is probably the most interesting. For those not following along, Chuckles killed COBRA Commander. Yes, you read that right, CHUCKLES killed Cobra Commander. So, it seems that the folks behind Cobra want to hold a "contest" of sorts. The one who deals the biggest blow to the GI Joe team becomes the new Cobra Commander. It sets up who's in the running and hints at their plans for attacking the Joes.
-Next up, is the Snake Eyes story. I'm going to say it's the weakest of the three, just because there's not enough Snake Eyes in it. It does set up the on-going Snake Eyes book nicely,though. And I'm very glad that Robert Atkins in the artist in the regular Snake Eyes book.
VERDICT: Buy it....NOW!!! Seriously, it's a great read. Nice art and even though it's 3 totally different stories, they all flow seamlessly into the next.

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