Thursday, June 2, 2011

GI Joe vol 2 #2 Review

I know it's only 2 issues in, but GI Joe keeps getting better with each issue!!! This one is a straight-out, hit the ground running action/mystery that totally delivers. We've got the Joe's under siege in the PITT looking for.........we're not exactly sure. We've got Gen. Hawk & Dial Tone on the run in Washington, DC. And we've got Storm Shadow in the PITT, waiting to unleash ninja badassery on the GI Joe team. Chuck Dixon must've read my review of GI Joe #1, because there's a TON more GI Joes in this issue then there was in the last. At first I really thought I wasn't going to like the fact that Cobra soldiers aren't often seen as they were portrayed in previous comics-in full on Cobra gear, like a standard army. But, it's really working . They're now seen as a modern day terrorist organization-everywhere. Doing really bad things. There's not much going on in this issue that moves the Cobra Civil War storyline forward, but that's OK. Leave that for the Cobra book.
Verdict: Even better than the last issue! Buy it!!

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