Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Plan Is Coming Together.............AND I LOVE IT!

Just read this story over at Aintitcol.com and FLIPPED OUT!!!! As anyone can tell, you I am THE world's biggest A-Team fan. I thought that after Singleton dropped out, it'd be back to development hell for my favorite TV-Show that would make an AWESOME movie, but apparently FOX is really serious about getting the movie done. I think Carnahan is a MUCH better choice than John Singleton and I'm sure anyone that saw Smokin' Aces will agree with me. And Ridly & Tony Scott producing? THANK YOU GOD!!!! This movie is gonna be all bullets and wise-cracks-just like it should be. The only icing on the cake would be if they can get Bruce Willis to play Hannibal. The release date of June, 11, 2010 is closer than you'd think, so I hope things move fast and some casting is announced soon. Besides Bruce Willis for Hannibal, I really can't think of anyone that I'd like to see play B.A., Face and Murdock, but IF the character of Amy Allen is in the movie, I'd love to see her played by...............................MS. MEGAN FOX!!!

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