Tuesday, November 27, 2012

THE LIST for 11/28/12

I don't know about you, but here's what I'm excited for this week:

All New X-Men #2! I LOVE this take on X-Men! Bendis is great on this title and Stuart Immonan's art is AMAZING!!!
Superman Family Adventures #7: There is NO comic out right now that is as PURE FUN as this book.
Masks #1: ALL your favorite pulp heroes join forces! The Shadow! The Spider! The Green Hornet! Zorro!
The Savage Hawkman #14: Hawkman & Green Arrow!!! Together again for the first time!!!...in the New 52 at least.

Arrow #1: Speaking of Green Arrow. I love this show, I'll give the comic a read.
Cobra #19: Featuring those lovable Ruskies-THE OKTOBER GUARD!!
Aquaman #14: OCEAN! MASTER!
and finally.....MacGyver: The Fugitive Gauntlet #2: It's MacGyver!!!!!
-It's actually a HUGE week for comics, so get down to your local retailer and check out all the new books. If your in Chicago, you KNOW where to go!!! See you guys & gals at Challengers tomorrow!!

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