Sunday, December 23, 2012

THE LIST-for December 26th......

OK, after a couple of HUGE weeks, we get a tiny, tiny week. But, the good news is, 90% of the books are pretty awesome. Here's what I recommend that you pick up:
Amazing Spider-Man #700-Yes, you might have read spoilers online about what happens, but DO NOT let that disway you from getting this book. It's intense!! This final issue of Amazing Spider-Man is SO GOOD!!! It's got ALL the classic Spidey elements in it, and a shock ending that you're not gonna believe.
Aquaman #15-The Throne of Atlantis officially begins!!!! And, I've always loved new-to-Aquaman artist Paul Pelletier. And now he's drawing one of my favorite books!!! WIN WIN!!
Justice League #15-The Throne of Atlantic continues!!!! AWESOME!!!

-So, there you have it, a measly 3 books, but they're all GREAT!!!! This is the week that I say-TRY SOMETHING YOU HAVEN'T READ BEFORE!!!! Pick up that book you've wanted to check out and never had the extra money for. As your retailer to recommend something! There's a LOT of good stuff out there, that unfortunately goes under most people's radar. If your in Chicago, I'll see you Wednesday at Challengers!!

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