Saturday, June 6, 2015

Iron Man is about to get awesome again!!!!!

Earlier today at the first Special Edition NYC, Marvel announced it's first post-Secret Wars title, and it appears that they aren't messing around. Debuting in October, Invincible Iron Man #1 will be written by Marvel Comics mega-star Brian Micheal Bendis and red-hot artist David Marquez. Um, wow. The thought of Bendis writing the words coming out of Tony Stark's mouth make me REALLY excited for this book. I have to confess, I don't read Miles Morales, but I checked out some of Marquez's artwork online, and I was VERY pleasantly surprised by his art. Bendis gave a in-depth interview to USA Today.....because everyone at Marvel does, and here's the bullet points concerning the new title:

-The series picks up 8 months after the events of Secret Wars
-There will be new armor(so don't you worry, cosplayers!)
-A bigger, all new cast. But don't worry, Happy and Pepper WILL show up
-Tony's getting a new love interest. One that's SMARTER than he is!
-Iron Man will be getting a new, bigger rogues gallery (OK, WHY does every creator feel that they have to do this when they come on a book?)
-The book will deal with the fact that Tony is adopted and we'll find out just WHO his biological parents are.

-Sounds fun, doesn't it? I highly suggest you read the full article over at USA Today, Here's what I'm liking (And keep in mind that this is the inaugural announcement, the ones that follow probably won't be as ground breaking): Good talent on books that haven't really had a chance at the spotlight before. Yes, I know that Warren Ellis wrote Iron Man. You know what else I know? Warren Ellis doesn't stay on a book for any measurable length of time. Bendis does. He just finished, what FORTY issues of All-New X-Men, he's at 27 issues of Guardians of the Galaxy, and he's also writing Guardians of Nowhere, and Guardians Team-Up, he's also been on Ultimate Spider-Man for over...too many issues for me to keep track of. The point is, he's going to stick with the title for awhile, and that's what it needs. To be consistently good over a long period of time, that's going to draw readers to that book, and that character. Second, the artist. Great choice. Love the new armor design and what they plan on doing with the armor will really stretch Marquez's artistic muscle. Can't wait to see it.

-Plus, I like Iron Man and I feel that he rarely gives the attention that he deserves. Sure, the movies were hugely successful, but that didn't exactly get reflected in the Marvel Comic Universe and in my opinion, it should have. For your enjoyment, here's a couple of my favorite Iron Man cartoons. I would post comics, but 1)I have no clue how to do that and 2)It's illegal. So, enjoy!!!

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