Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Hot Girl Wednesday starring....LEXI BELLE!!!!

It's that time again!!! That's right, a couple of weekends ago was EXXXotica Expo here in Chicago, and OF COURSE I went, and now you get to see some of the pictures! First up, this week, we're spotlighting one of my faves. She's someone I visit every show, and a super sweetheart. The incredibly gorgeous LEXI BELLE!!!

 And, here's yours truly with the fantastic lady!!!!! Yes, she's as hot in real life as she is in the pictures and movies that you've seen.
You can visit her official site here, and don't forget to follow her on the Twitter, she also has an Instagram and her own Youtube channel!!!


  1. I'm always happy when you make it to eXXXotica, Jimmy!

  2. She makes a GREAT Batgirl... gorgeous.