Monday, February 7, 2011

Could Yvonne Strahovski be Ms. Marvel?

Maybe. Here's the RUMOR going around courtesy of CBM

"Though it’s not often that we get the scoop on anything here, I’ve just received information from a protected source inside Marvel that points to Yvonne Strahovski being cast in the upcoming Avengers movie as Ms. Marvel.

Could it be true?

I, for one, have long hoped to see Yvonne crop up in a comic book movie. She’s got the action chops to easily pull it off and it was really just a matter of time before the right character came along.

-My take: This could be a 50/50 chance. Joss Whedon is know for casting "nerd friendly" girls in his stuff. And, she definitely could pull this off. She's not a "big enough" star that she wouldn't sign on for 3 or 6 or however many movies Marvel/Disney will want her to sign for. And the fans will GO NUTS. If true, well played. And, just cause, here's some more picture of this smokin' hot lady!

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