Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Hot Girl Wednesday Starring.....CHRISTIE STEVENS!!!!!!!!!!

I can't even begin to know where to start when I'm talking about Christie Stevens. A year ago, I met her at the Exxxotica Expo here in Chicago:

She was a living doll! And SO NICE!!! Now, at the time, honestly, I had NO CLUE who she was. She was wicked hot and didn't have a line, so I picked up some stuff from her and went on my way. I followed her over the course of the next year and she has TAKEN OVER THE INDUSTRY!!!!! She's made a ton of films, done tons of work for websites, and is about to launch her very OWN website!!! Here's what I'm talking about:

You know how much I love Christie Stevens? Enough to make her the BIGGEST Hot Girl Wednesday post EVER!!!! And, this year, I was not disappointed because Christie was at the show again, where I got to catch up with her.

-Yeah, I know you're looking at her, but jeez, I need a new wardrobe!! You can catch up with Christie on her Facebook page here, and follow her on twitter here. And, you can rest assured that as soon as her website launches, I'll let you know.

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