Sunday, March 8, 2015

Look! Up in the sky! It's....Supergirl!!!

Last Friday, WB and CBS gave us our first look at Supergirl from the upcoming CBS TV series...Supergirl. Here's a look:

I gotta tell you honestly, I am SO in love with this TV show all ready. Why? Because I can tell all ready that it's a SUPER HERO show. Thanks to technology and progress and the producers being FANS of COMICS, we're finally living in an age where a super hero TV show can be produced where the hero, or heroin in this case, can actually use their super powers. In the past, we've had comic based TV shows where it's been 50 minutes of Clark Kent, 2 minutes of Superman being Superman, and then 8 minutes of Clark Kent wrapping up everything. NOW, we have a Flash TV show where The Flash can use super speed more than once per episode without the television show having to have a budget the size of this country's nation dent.
-But, back to Supergirl. Many roles have been awesomely cast, such as former Superman Dean Cain and former Supergirl Helen Slater, playing Supergirl's adoptive parents. How awesome is that? And, I think Melissa Benoist looks fantastic in the costume. Needless to say, when this series debuts this fall, I'll be watching. And, with all the other Super Hero TV shows on the air, I might have to get a second DVR. This is truly a golden age for comic fans.

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