Sunday, March 15, 2015

Spare some change.

Last Thursday the internet vomited after DC Comics revealed it's "new look" for it's three most popular heroes; Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman:

First off, Supermans "costume" is not a costume. If it is, I wear a Superman costume almost every day. Secondly, if you've been reading comics for less than 1 year, you're allowed to complain. If you've been reading comic books for MORE than one year, please, stop talking. You honestly believe that these costumes will be the way that Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman will look for the rest of time? Are you new? The second lesson that they teach you in Comics 101 is that "New Costumes never last". Am I wrong?

The only thing that never changes in comics (or in life, for that matter), is the fact that everything changes. If you don't like it, don't worry, it'll change back. Maybe not for a little bit, but it will. Does that mean you should just take everything you're fed with a smile? Of course not! But, if you're going to protest something do it the RIGHT WAY. Don't just bitch and moan to bitch and moan. If you're on Twitter, tweet at DC, not at me or all your other followers. Some of them might actually LIKE the changes. If you're on Facebook, post on Marvel's page, not everyone else's. They can't do anything about the fact that Wonder Woman has blades. So yes, protest, write emails, write letters (with honest to God paper, envelopes and stamps), use social media in its correct form, to let your voice be heard. Do you think everyone else has nothing better to do than listen to you bitch? Well, you're wrong. They do have better things to do. A LOT better things to do.
-And seriously, Wonder Woman having blades on her costumes does NOT make her any less of a powerful woman than Captain America having armor makes him less of a man.

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