Wednesday, March 4, 2015

What I thought of...Princess Leia #1!!!

Princess Leia #1: Picking up literally seconds after the end of Star Wars (the original movie, none of this "Episode" crap!) this book finds Leia trying to help the Rebellion get itself organize and moving, only to have her efforts cut down by the leaders of the Rebellion. Is she gonna stand for this? Of course not.
The Good: There's a lot. First off, the writing by Mark Waid. Just like Jason Aaron and Kieron Gillen, Waid totally gets these characters, and more importantly, again like the other two writers, he makes the dialogue sound like it's from the movies and the Star Wars universe. Now, this book, obviously focuses on Princess Leia, and Waid surprises me by introducing a fantastic supporting cast for Leia. Some we know, some we don't, but it all makes sense that these characters are in this book. What I admire about the writing and editing on all three of the Star Wars books, is that they all flow seamlessly when it comes to continuity. You don't have to worry about characters appearing or not appearing when and where they shouldn't. The art by Terry Dodson is simply gorgeous. He sticks to his own style, yet makes this book look like it's straight out of the Star Wars universe. I recommend going through the book a second time just to look at the art. I guarantee you'll find some things that you missed the first time you read it.
The Bad: Ummmmmmmmmmm. Yikes, this is harder than I thought. There's nothing that I can point to and call "bad" in this issue. Yeah, I got nothing.
The Verdict: Look, just face it. You're going to the comic store today, and you're going to buy this. Honestly, you don't really HAVE to be a Star Wars fan to enjoy this book, but if you are, you're going to enjoy it on totally different level.

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