Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Aw Heeeeeeeeeeeell No!

Today, the news leaked out, and I mean ALL THE NEWS leaked out, of the  Marvel Comics titles line-up post Secret Wars. Some of them were expected, some of them were surprises, others were plain out head-scratchers. Case in point, this book:
Um, what? There's only ONE Spaceknight, and it sure isn't Venom. You know who he is:
I'll be honest, I'll try the book just to see if it in anyway connects to the original Rom: Spaceknight, but I doubt it will. We can hope, at least.
-But, IF there's a Rom-shaped hole in your life, and let's be honest-there is, you're in luck! TODAY IDW Publishing brings us ONYX!!!! Now, this is NOT a Rom copycat, far from it, but there are enough similarities to make you happy. Also, it's a fucking AWESOME comic!
You can read my review of the comic over at Geeks of Doom, and further down the road, you'll get a more in-depth look at the title, but this is one you DEFINITELY need to pick up!!!!

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