Monday, January 28, 2013

Comics You Should Buy-1/30/13

Wow! ANOTHER awesome week of comics! When will these big weeks stop? Personally, I'm hoping never, cause they're awesome. Yeah, it's hard on the wallet, but it's just so much FUN!!! Let's get right to it:

Flash Gordon: Zeitgeist #9: It's no secret that this is one of my favorite series. It's got everything to please both a hard-core Flash Gordon fan like myself, and someone who's never heard of Flash Gordon before. GRAB IT!!
Bad Medicine Volume 1: This is a FANTASTIC mystery series that will leave you guessing right up until the end. Then, you'll want to read it again, just because it's that awesome. Featuring art by THE Christopher Mitten.
MacGyver: The Fugitive Gauntlet #4: Mac is being hunted by bounty hunters, he's be the victim of a traitor, he's in a race around the world, and things don't look good. CLASSIC MACGYVER!!!
Superior Spider-Man #2: If you've ever had ANY interest in Spider-Man-GET THIS!!!
The Savage Hawkman #16: Word on the street is that this series is cancelled. But, more on that on Thursday. For now, pick up this savage comic.
He-Man & The Masters of the Universe #6: I'm very nervous that He-Man's going to be OK. And that he can keep Eternia safe from Skeletor.
He-Man & The Masters of the Universe: The Origin of He-Man #1: NEVER before told!!...except in the shitty 2002 series. But here, get the TRUE origin of He-Man!!! This is MUST READ BOOK OF THE WEEK FOR ME!!
-You KNOW if you're in Chicago, I'll see you at Challengers. If you're not...well, you should be. Life's too short to shop at shitty comic stores. See you on Wednesday!!

Next Week: It. All. Ends.


  1. If there is only one book to buy on Wednesday, it should be Superman Family Adventures. **mutters** Cancel two of Art & Franco's books in two short years... stupid DC **finishes muttering, goes to bed**

  2. Agreed Mark! Wasn't a smart move to let those two go!