Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Welcome to the future!!!!!

....of 2013! Isn't all this technology awesome? I mean, you can watch TV on your TELEPHONE!!! Freaky, right?
-It's a new day, a new year, time to put the past behind you and look towards the future! What is exactly what this short little blurb is about. There's a bunch of stuff that I'm looking forward to this year, and the majority of things haven't even been announced yet! Here they are, in no random order:
GI Joe Relaunch!! In February, a brand new creative team take the reigns on IDW Publishing's GI Joe title. Not only that, but we get a new GI Joe: Special Missions book as well as a new volume of GI Joe: Cobra. But, the regular GI Joe title is what I'm looking forward to the most. Writer Fred Van Lente & artist Steve Kurth bring a WHOLE NEW take to America's Daring, Highly Trained Special Missions Force. YO JOE!!!
MOVIES!!! It's gonna an awesome year for movies. A Good Day to Die Hard, Iron Man 3, Thor 2, GI Joe: Retaliation, The Wolverine, The Hobbit 2, and about a dozen more that I'm forgetting. But, I'm thinking my AMC stubs card is going to get a work out this year. 
Wrestlemania! Don't know why, but I'm really looking forward to this years 'Mania. No idea what the card will be, but I know The Rock is wrestling, so I'll be watching!
The Lone Ranger!!! OK, this can technically fall into the "movie" catagory, but there's also toys, and comics and millions of other pieces of merchandise that I'll be buying. I've loved The Lone Ranger ever since I was a little kid, and I can't wait for all this stuff! YEE-HAW!!
I look forward to not looking like this anymore
Dinner! My goal for 2013 is to have dinner with all my friends that I didn't get to have dinner with in 2012.
Batman!!!!! Sometime this year(hopefully)Mattel will release a Adam West/Batman 60's TV Show line of action figures!!! YES!!!
July 12th-14th. Not telling, but it's gonna be AWESOME.

 ?????????? Hey, I'm not a fortune teller! I have no idea what's coming up in 2013. But, whatever it is, you can be SURE that I'll be excited about it! Have a great New Year everybody!!

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