Tuesday, January 22, 2013

New Comics You Should Buy-1/23/13

January is a 5 Wednesday month, and this is probably considered the "light" week. But, there are by NO MEANS a shortage of awesome comics to read. Here's what I recommend you pick up this week if you like awesome things:
 THE ANSWER #1: This book is AWESOME!!!!! Creator Mike Norton struck it big with BattlePug, I'm guessing this is going to be just popular, if not MORE SO!!
THE LONE RANGER #12: Month in, month out, one of the consistently BEST comics out there!
 MASKS #3: This book is surprisingly great! I love these characters, so I was bound to like it, but I had no idea it would be this much fun, and with such a great mood.
 THE BIONIC WOMAN #7: If only the TV series from a few years ago would've been done in this format. Awesomely entertaining book, that is a lot of fun to read.
 AVENGERS #3: LOVE LOVE LOVE this book!!!
 CASTLE #2: Last issue, there was a pretty awesome mystery set up. I can't wait to see where this goes. And, art by Robert Atkins, which is awesome!!
 COBRA #21: Sadly, the last issue of this fantastic series. BUT, it returns in April with a brand-new title(The Cobra Files)with the same awesome creative team!
UNCANNY AVENGERS #3: There is some CRAZY shit that goes down this issue. CRAZY!!
STAR TREK: COUNTDOWN TO DARKNESS #1: The prequel series to this summer's Star Trek Into Darkness. PEOPLE!!! THINGS HAPPEN!!!! This is a GREAT book!!!

-Whew! That's quite a pile of awesome comics. AND there's lots more that I didn't have room to mention. As always, if it's New Comics Day, I'll be at Challengers Comics, so if you're in Chicago you'd better stop by and say hello!!!

NEXT WEEK: I got the FEVAH....and the only preSCIPTION....is more He-Man!!!

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