Monday, January 7, 2013

Mars Attacks KISS....Tom Jones no where to be found

Last week, IDW Publishing launched the first of it's crossover series "Mars Attacks....." with "Mars Attacks Popeye". This week, it's "Mars Attacks KISS"!!!!
The premise of the series is, you guessed it, Mars Attacks someone. Again, last week it was Popeye, this week those nasty little Martians attack the greatest rock group in the history of history-KISS!!!! I have to admit, I LOVE the KISS comic that IDW is putting out right now,it's fantastic and you should check it out. That being said, I was VERY surprised that this ties in(loosely)to that series. I won't tell you who or what shows up, but it is definitely set in that universe.
-Keeping that in mind, although it's never really said, I believe this takes place in the late 60's/early 70's and features the Martians taking on the US Army (the KISS army does not exist yet), and a group of young teenagers looking to start a rock and roll band. Author Chris Ryall has given this a feel VERY much like that of the early Marvel KISS comics, and it's a TON of fun. The art by Alan Robinson is also inline with those early Marvel books, and the whole thing is just loads of fun to read!!!! This is one comic that you NEED to pick up this week!!! And here's a video. Because whenever I think about Mars Attacks, I think of that shitty Tim Burton movie, in which this was the only good part.........

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