Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Comics You Should Buy-2/13/13

Not a huge week this week, but there's some good stuff. Let's get to it!
Katana #1: From the pages of Birds of Prey and Justice League of America #1!!! Very interested in this take on one of my favorite Outsiders.
The Bionic Man vs The Bionic Woman #2: The first issue was PHENOMENOL!!!! Just wait until you see what happens next!
The Bionic Man #16: As long as we're on the subject of bionics......this book is always a great read.
Secret Avengers #1: This has my favorite line up of Avengers to date. And with Nick Spencer writing, I'm sure this is going to be really good!
Batman #17: Death of the Family concludes!!!! Snyder & Capullo's run has been amazing, and this issue is no exception. This issue is NOT TO BE MISSED!!!


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