Friday, February 15, 2013

What I thought of......Nova #1

There were, surprisingly to me, a lot of things that I like about Nova #1. Don't get me wrong, I'm a Rich Rider guy. Completely and totally, so I was a little bit biased against this book going in. But, Jeph Loeb won me over pretty quickly. First, this is a book I would've LOVED when I was 12 years old. Strangely, I found myself loving it now that I'm....not 12 years old.
The Good: I'm a huge Ed McGuinness fan. Anyone who draws everyone like they just stepped out of a Masters of the Universe cartoon is OK by me. The story is fun, nothing to serious or life changing. Just a really fun, entertaining super hero origin story. There's some great flashback sequences to SPOILER ALERT!! Sam's father and his days in the Nova Corps END SPOILER!! that are were most of the action in the book come from.
The Bad: Another "deadbeat dad" story. Kind of.  The reader knows that Sam's dad is a true blue hero, but none of the characters in the book do, so they beat up on Sam's dad ENDLESSLY. It gets a little tiring after awhile, but it's nothing that will take you out of the book, and it's an essential part of the story.
The Verdict: Grab it!! It's a good, fun, entertaining super hero comic book. Very light in tone, and just a good time!

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