Tuesday, February 26, 2013

What you should buy.....2/27/2013

This week's on the lighter side, but there's still plenty of great stuff to read. Including the much anticipated and HUGELY spoiled Batman & Robin #8. So far, I've managed to actually STAY spoiler-free on the issue, but I'm sure it'll be on CNN or USA Today tomorrow morning. Oh well, let's get to it!!
Guardians of the Galaxy 0.1: Brand new relaunch from Brian Michael Bendis & Steve McNiven. Based upon how awesome Nova was, I'm really looking forward to this. Big, cosmic stuff!!
Answer #2: I LOVED the first issue of this series!!! It's smart, funny, with lots of adventure and super heroing. BUY IT!!!
The Rocketeer: Hollywood Horror #1: A Rocketeer MINI SERIES!!!! I love The Rocketeer and it's really nice to get a longer story with this series than just 2 to 3 page stories. And, it doesn't hurt that it's awesome!!
MacGyver: The Fugitive Gauntlet #5: Sadly, the last issue of the series. But, it's a REALLY good issue. Here's hoping for more MacGyver in the future!!

-There you go! Enjoy all of these fine books, and if you're in Chicago, you better come on over to Challengers Comics + Conversation and say hi! See you on Wendesday!!

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