Monday, July 22, 2013


First, let me say I'm sorry, this should've been posted yesterday. But, a couple things got in the way. All right, now down to the nitty gritty. This week's progress was OK. Just OK. Not great, not bad, just OK. Here's the bullet points.
-My blood sugar has improved. Again, not great, but they're getting lower and that's good. My morning readings have gone from high 200's-mis 300's to middle 100's-low/mid 200's. Again, not GREAT by any means, but definitely an improvement.
-I exercised 3 days this week. A far cry from my goal of 5, but it's better than nothing.
-The most important thing that I did this week was start using portion control. I used to eat meals that would've been OK for a bodybuilder or professional wrestlers, now I've started eating meals that are the size that a normal human being would eat.
I've all ready started feeling better, so that's another plus. And, with the progress that I made, I'm further motivated to not only continue this, but to improve on it. Like McDavid and I always say "Ever Forward!"


  1. I would say that a 30%-plus reduction in blood sugar sounds pretty good for a first week of concentrating on it. Nice job, Jimmy!

    (BTW, looks like I'll be at Challengers closer to 1pm on Saturday)

    1. Thanks for the support, John!!! Can't wait to see you on Saturday!!!