Monday, August 29, 2011

No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to read.....

Let's face it, nobody really pays attention to Canada. Hell, even Canadians don't pay that much attention to Canada. BUT, over the weekend at Fan Expo in Toronto, Marvel Comics held a "Next Big Thing" panel and announced several things, but only 1 was downright AWESOME. The return of former Crossgen comic Kiss Kiss Bang Bang!!!
-As a huge fan of that series, that ended on one of the BEST cliffhangers ever, I was needless to say, ecstatic! Then, I read the article on CBR with writer Peter Milligan....and became even MORE excited!!! The basic premise is sort-of the same. Up and coming spy gets chosen to replace veteran spy in his role as the "Ultimate Spy". BUT, while the first series took place in the 1960's/Sean Connery/James Bond era this one takes place in modern day and puts some twists into the formula. What it looks like it DOES deliver is something that's sorely lacking in the comic market right now-A. SPY. COMIC. How does one of THE most popular genres in pop culture not have an on-going monthly comic? Talk about built in audience!!! And not just for the every-Wednesday guys. Dads bringing their kids into the comic store would snatch this up in a heartbeat!!! Wanna buy a comic for a non-comic reading friend? BOOM!!!! Anyone who likes action movies, thrillers, ect would totally dig a well written spy comic. OK, enough about that. Back to KKBB. I'll be honest, I haven't read much Peter Milligan, but what I have read, I've liked a lot(Human Target, X-Statix, Batman). And from reading his interview, I couldn't be more excited about his plans for this comic. As for the art, I barely remember Roman Rosanas' work on Spider-Man:1602, but the pages shown in the article look FANTASTIC!!!! This guy knows how to lay out a page. Intense action that's NOT super hero battles can be tricky sometimes, but this guy pulls it off in the preview pages.....and he draws some nice ass cleavage. Can't wait til December!!! Merry Christmas Jimmy Hayes!!

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