Sunday, August 21, 2011

One man can make a difference...

...with an awesome toy car. Ever since September 26th, 1982 I've wanted an awesome Knight Rider toy. Now, courtesy of Diamond Select Toys, it looks like I'm getting a COUPLE. First, here's their offering from their ever popular Minimates line.
Now that's one funky-bad ass toy. I BELIEVE that DST is also going to release KARR with Garthe Knight figure. And he better damn well come with a cane, too! BUT, I'm most excited about this:
A decent 3&3/4 inch Michael Knight with KITT figure!!! Just look at that giant pie-pan belt buckle!!!! I'm guessing these toys will be out either the end of this year, or the beginningh of next year. I'm shooting for the holiday season, myself. Stay tuned right here as we'll be sure to pass along any release dates/developments that come out way. And, just because I love you guys, here's a little something to sing along with:

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