Sunday, August 28, 2011

Snake Eyes #4 Review

After a slightly disappointing issue #3, Chuck Dixon and Robert Atkins decided to kick my ass with issue 4 of Snake Eyes. THIS is why I read GI Joe comics. Scratch that, this is why I read COMICS!!! Holy crap, this was awesome!!! First off, you have Snake Eyes vs Slice & Dice. That should be enough to sell you on the book right there. You have GOT to see(read)this fight to believe it. I will go to my grave saying that Atkins draws THE best fights in comics. It's like reading an action movie. Then, you've got the Alpine/Iceberg story line which actually has a decent amount of action and resolves very nicely.
-The part I'm most impressed about is that while the COBRA Civil War story is present, it never feels like it overtakes the issue or story at any point. It's in the background, keeping you up to date and giving you just what you need to know, but never too much or taking the focus off the ass-kicking ninjas. This is, without a doubt, my favorite issue of the series so far. Yo Joe!!

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