Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Hot Girl Wednesday starring.....Ramona Flour!!!!

If you haven't heard of Ramona Flour, that's a shame. BUT, you're about to get to know her a tiny bit here and you'll also be hearing more about her in the future, as her star is shining bring and for this girl, the sky's the limit!! I'll admit, this one ALMOST didn't happen. Of ALL the girls that have been the focus of hot girl Wednesday (I should start counting), Ms. Flour was THE hardest to find CLOTHED pictures of. That's a problem I wish I had more often.

Stunning, isn't she? Let me asure you, the outside matches the inside. She's one of THE nicest girls I've ever met. Sweet as pie, humble and genuinely interesting to talk to. Also, she's even HOTTER in person! You can follow her on Twitter, she's got an awesome Tumblr, and you should check out her website and SUPPORT HER!!

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