Friday, July 10, 2015

When your heroes turn out to be dicks

So this week, this happened:
Roddy Piper vs Steve Austin
-Honestly, I don't really believe Steve Austin. I think he DID ask for Piper to be taken off Podcast one, and he's just trying to save face. But, what REALLY pissed me off was this:
Piper looses Legends deal
-Really? Austin had to take it to this level? Now, I realize anyone reading this might think that my love for Roddy Piper is clouding my judgement. Not so. Do I think Piper is 100% innocent? No. I mean, c'mon, it's Roddy Piper. Shooting his mouth off is what MADE his career! In my opinion, the very LEAST he should've done was sent the show to Austin before he send it to Podcast One to be uploaded to their feed to get some kind of approval from Austin. It's just professional courtesy. But, this is in NO WAY shape or form a reason to pull Piper's Legends deal. So, to the point of this article, what DOES happen when someone you've admired turns out to be a dick. I've met LOTS of comic creators, wrestlers, and actors over the years at the hundreds of conventions that I've been to, and yes, some of them have turned out to be HUGE dicks. Was I disappointing? Sure. But, it's taught  me one thing over the years; they're only human. What you see on TV is entertainment. It's them being someone that they're not. So, you have to take these things with a grain of salt. Now, on the flip side, a great many people that I've met over the years are incredibly nice. They took the time to answer questions, sign autographs, take pictures, you name it. What the hell am I saying? What's the point to all this? The point is, when you look up to anyone but yourself, there's a good chance you're gonna get disappointed. So, maybe YOU should be the person in your life that you look up to. That way, you'll never be let down.
-Back to Roddy Piper. Since he's not getting any more money from WWE, I encourage you, if you're a fan of his to visit his site and buy something. You can do that here. He's got TONS of awesome stuff. Everything from t-shirts to soda pop to yes, I'm not kidding, BUBBLE GUM! If you don't see anything there that you like, head on over to Prowrestlingtees and check out his line of shirts over there. They're good people, and you'll get your stuff fast, and for a great price. Now go on, check out those links, but some stuff, then get back to the SDCC coverage. I can guarantee, today is gonna hold some really big surprises.

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