Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What you should buy-5/8/13

Whew! After a couple of exhausting weeks, we can relax. C2E2 is done, Free Comic Book Day is over, so let's just sit back and enjoy a normal week of comics. Here's what's awesome this week:
Justice League of America #3: A traitor in the Justice League!!! My money's on Vibe. Cause he's awesome that way.
Batman #20: I'm not really excited for this so much as I am the NEXT issue, which begins Batman: Year Zero. Let the countdown begin!!
Star Wars #5: Another awesome issue of this great series! And hey, it's Han & Chewie!!

Star Trek #20: Sadly, the last issue of this awesome series. But, there's more Star Trek comics coming, so don't you worry!
Wolverine #3: I will NOT shut up about how awesome this comic is. Seriously. You can't make me.
-As always, I'll be at Challengers Comics + Conversation this Wednesday, if you're in Chicago, come by and buy some comics. If not, you should move closer. And get ready, cause next week.........

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