Monday, May 13, 2013

What I thought of...Age of Ultron #8

Age of Ultron #8: This issue is a lot of talking(surprise, surprise). Wolverine has killed Hank Pym and is now back in the present, except it's all wrong. It's, by far, not the place that he left. Magic reigns supreme and the Avengers have disbanded and the only group of heroes is The Defenders. And Iron Man is dead. Except he's not. Or something like that.
The Good: Whew. This is gonna be tough, as I really didn't like this issue. The art was pretty good, I guess.
The Bad: Good Lord!!! This issue STUNK!!In a nutshell, it's the heroes of the "current" world are trying to figure out why there's 2 Wolverines (they obviously don't read Marvel Comics), and why Sue Richards is alive and what went wrong after Hank Pym dies. To some up...BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH. Shit, this is NOTHING but talking heads. Yeah, there's some action, but it's pretty sparse, and the story doesn't really move forward. Basically, this issue could've been condensed into about 4 pages or it would've been perfect for one of the Age of Ultron one-shots.
The Verdict: PASS. Unless you HAVE to own every issue of Age of Ultron, don't bother with this one. Nothing happens.

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