Monday, May 27, 2013

What you should buy-5/29/13

It's a 5 Wednesday month, so this week is a little light on releases. But, there's some pretty exciting stuff coming out, though. Let's take a look!
Captain America #7: Great issue! Cap vs the whole damn Zola planet!!! And, some pretty shocking twists and surprises!!
King Conan:The Hour of the Dragon #1: GREAT GREAT first issue featuring an older, wiser Conan who still finds a way to get into trouble. Written by Tim Truman, who really know how to tell a good Conan story.  That, combined with some fantastic art by Tom├ís Giorello make this book a winner!
GI Joe #4: YO JOE!!! This book just keeps getting better and better! I just got two words for ya-SCRAP. IRON!!!!!
Smallville Season 11 Special #1: In all honesty, I'm really liking this series. This special issues features BATMAN and NIGHTWING!! What's not to love?
Previews #297: Featuring comics & awesome stuff that hit in August!! Do your retailer a favor-buy it and USE IT!!
X-Men #1: Yes, they're all women.
Danger Girl: Trinity #2: I love me some Danger Girl. I'm SO glad this title is back as a series of mini series. It's fun, smart and entertaining. And, it features hot girls. No brainer!
As always, if it's Wednesday, I'll be at Challengers Comics + Conversation. Stop by and buy all these things and more! Next week's got some great stuff, see you then!!

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