Tuesday, May 28, 2013

What I thought of...Captain America #7

Captain America #7: Cap is in a pretty bad way. He's beyond exhausted, totally alone and having to take on Zola's army to try and get to his son. Add to that, he's got to fight about a TRILLION Zola genetic monsters and you get quite an action packed story.
The Good: There's a lot of good story here. As much as I like Cap when he's on Earth and being a hero, this off world adventure arc is a nice change of pace. The issue is packed with cliffhangers, with a last page one that you will NOT believe! Some great turns in this issue as well.
The Bad: Hmmmmm. Not really sure about the bad this time around. I'm sure there was something that I didn't like, but the good made me forget it.
The Verdict: Grab it! It's totally fun. And that's what you need in comics sometimes.

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