Saturday, April 19, 2014

Hayeswatch 2. This Time, it's Personal.

This weeks episode: The Chocolate Mousse is Not in Season
Week 2: Week 2 went pretty well. I didn't break any records exercising or eating, but I was able to cut down a lot of behaviors that make me look like a fool, and turn me into a fat ass. Here's the stats:
Current Weight: 222,7. That's down almost 2 pounds from last week, which I'll gladly take. I don't really want to go more than that. People who tend to take off 5 to 10 pounds a week, usually gain it back pretty quickly
Exercise: I did a lot of cardio this week. Since the weather has been nice, been walking a couple miles a day. Stayed away from strength and resistance  training this week. Don't know why, just never felt like it. Which is something I better get out of my system pretty quick.
Blood Sugar Levels: Bit on the high side. Upper 100's and lower 200's. I COULD adjust my insulin, but what I SHOULD do is eat better.
Mystery Problem: Getting better. Doctor said that I should make a full recovery, unfortunately, it's going to take some time, but it IS improving. This week, it goes from an F to a D-.
Lesson Learned: This goes for men AND woman. If your shaving with a razor and you feel a sneeze coming on, PULL THE RAZOR AWAY FROM YOUR BODY!!! Trust me on this one, I have the scars to prove it.
PS-Sorry this is almost a WEEK late. Been busy. I'm terrible.

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