Tuesday, April 22, 2014

What I thought of...Batman Eternal #2

Batman Eternal #2: A notorious villain appears for the first time in the new DC 52 continuity, and......SPOILER WARNING.....it is NOT King Tut. Dammit.
The Good: I gotta tell you, I'm LOVING this series more than I should. Not that it's secretly bad, but MAN, so far for 2 weeks in a row, The creative team (and I do mean TEAM) has turned out a REALLY solid book. Just like last week, action, suspense, shocks, surprises, and we get to check in with the rest of the Bat-Family. It's hard to go into more detail without spoilers, so I won't.
The Bad: Art-wise there were a couple of panels that I really didn't care for, but at this point, I'm just nitpicking, so it's really no big deal.
The Verdict: What do you think? BUY IT!!!!!!

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