Sunday, April 13, 2014

What I thought of...Batman Eternal #1

Batman Eternal #1: A year-long mystery begins and it begins with a bang! And, a crash. And flames, did I mention the flames?
The Good: Just about everything. THIS is what I want out of a Batman story. Mystery, a supporting cast member in jeopardy, and Batman kicking ass.
The Bad: Man, this is hard to pick. I liked the writing, I liked the art, I liked the whole FEEL of the book overall. I give up, nothing to gripe about here.

-While I was reading this, and knowing that it's going to run, I thought in the back of my mind "how much is this going to change from what I'm reading today? Will the creative team change some of the original story? The Ending? ANYTHING about the series that is "set in stone" at this point?" And then THAT got me thinking "Wow. I wonder how much EVERYTHING will change in a year. How the comics industry will change in a year. How much pop culture will change in a year. How much the world will change in a year." And then THAT got me thinking "I wonder how much I'LL change in a year?" And that leads into...........

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