Wednesday, February 11, 2015

What I thought of....Darth Vader #1

Darth Vader #1: Having just gotten his butt handed to him by the Rebels (twice), Darth Vader returns to confront the Emperor and accept his punishment. Not only that, but events are sent into motion that not only humiliate Vader, but there are forces (No pun intended) very close to him plotting against him! What's the most evil villain in history to do?
The Good: First off, the best thing about this issue? No! Thought! Balloons! Nope, you're not going to get the thought balloons of a whiny, young Anakin Skywalker here, in fact, you don't get ANY thought balloons, and that's a unique way to tell a comic story that I love and miss. Not a lot of writers do it today, but this is a character that it really works with. We didn't have any kind of inner monologue with Vader in the films, and we don't get any here. The result is, the character is that much more serious and scary. Secondly, the story absolutely blows me away. As usual, no spoilers, but MAN does Vader take it on the chin from his boss in this issue. Not a very pleasant situation, and it makes the reader almost sympathetic for the character. Until we remember that he's like the move evil bad guy in the history of bad guys. And, as usual, the art by Salvador LaRroca is beyond gorgeous!
The Bad: Hmmmm. There was something that bothered me just a tad about this issue. There's a lot of call backs to movie scenes that we've seen and some that have not happened yet (in Star Wars continuity). I wasn't 100% in love with that, but it didn't bother me enough to take me out of the book. I just hope that it doesn't become a regular thing in this title.
The Verdict: Are you nuts? Go get this!!!! Seriously!! It's really good! So far, the Star Wars books are two for two. Can Princess Leia make it a perfect trifecta? Stay tuned!

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