Saturday, September 10, 2011


Even though it's not out for about 3 weeks yet, I was lucky enought to read a copy of IDW Publishing's Ghostbusters #1 this evening. Written by Erik Burnham, who doesn't write enough comics(seriously, check out A-Team War Stories), with a back-up story by Tristan Jones, and edited by Tom Waltz (If you haven't read his new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles book yet, do it NOW!) the thing that will have EVERY "Ghosthead" cheering is that artist Dan Schoening is drawing this book. Schoening was every fans dream choice for penciler on this series, and IDW made the right choice.
-Now, I'm not about to give spoilers away in this review, so just wipe that thought outta your head. What I WILL tell you, is that we get to see the Ghostbusters do EVERYTHING that you want to see them doing. Hanging out in the firehouse exchanging snappy dialogue, investigating the paranormal, and yes, even busting some ghosts. It's got it all. We all know that Ghostbusters is one of the most quotable movies in history and quite often, with licensed comics, writers rely on movie dialogue as a crutch by going out of their way to put the characters in a position just so they can deliver that "classic" line from the movie that everyone loved. Thankfully, Burnham does NOT fall into that trap here. There's no "Nice shootin' Tex", "He slimed me" or "cats and dogs living together". What Burnham DOES capture is the spirit of the characters, dead on. As you read the comic, you can actually hear Bill Murray saying the Venkman dialogue. The story acknowledges the movies, but doesn't depend on them. There's nice nods to both Ghostbusters movies, and a couple of Easter eggs that hardcore fans will go nuts over. And the last page? EPIC.
-As far as the art goes, the word PERFECT comes to mind. Schoening is THE best Ghostbuster artist out there today. Or any other day, for that matter. You know how Carmine Infantino was born to draw The Flash? Or Mark Bagley was born to draw Spider-Man? Yeah, that's what we're talking about here, people. It's THAT good.
-It's hard to talk about the back-up story without giving up a big spoiler, so I'll just say this-it'll have you APPLAUDING when you read it. Hat's off to Tristan Jones, who is a heck of a talented guy.
-The thing that impressed me the most about this book was the "bonus" pages in the back. You can see just HOW MUCH work went into the comic and how deep the love is that the creators have for this property. And, it shows. In a big way. Whether your a HUGE Ghostbusters fan, or have just a passing interest after seeing the movie a couple of times on TV, you will LOVE this book. Hat's off to everyone involved for making THE. BEST. GHOSTBUSTERS. COMIC. EVER.


  1. Excellent review! Now you are going to send your nephew a copy correct? Yes you are so his Mom can bogart it!

  2. I wouldn't say Dan is EVERY fans' dream choice. Don't get me wrong--I do like his art, but I kind of prefer Tristan Jones a little more.