Sunday, September 11, 2011

Lead on Adventurer!

FINALLY!!! One of the coolest cartoon shows every is coming to DVD!!! I've been waiting for this once for quite awhile! In 1983, in my small town in Wisconsin, the local arcade got in this game and it BLEW MY MIND!!!! I mean, you were PLAYING a CARTOON!!! And a freaking AWESOME cartoon, at that! It had everything-a knight, a castle, a dragon, an evil knight, creatures that I had NO idea what they were supposed to be and the icing on the cake? It had a blond princess with
Anyway, I spent MANY MANY quarters trying to beat this game. Never did until YEARS later when I played it on a DVD. The game was so popular that it spawned a sequel, and a companion title called Space Ace and, most importantly, and awesome Saturday morning cartoon. Just take a peak......
-OK, so when you compare it to the game, it's not quite as awesomely animated. But still. Now, thanks to Warner Brothers Manufacture On Demand program, you can own the whole series on DVD. Not sure when it's coming out, but usually when Warner MOD announces something, it's out within a few weeks. But, thanks to the TV Shows on DVD site, you can get a look at the box art for the series.
PICK IT UP!!!!....and did I mention that I wrote a back-up story for the comic book? You should pick that up too.

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