Friday, September 2, 2011

GI Joe A Real American Hero #169 review

This is TRULY the most under appreciated of the GI Joe titles being published right now. Around 2004 Devil's Due got Larry Hama to write a 4 issue GI Joe Frontline arc set after the events of original Marvel Comic GI Joe #155. The results were........not that great.
-But, in May of last year, IDW let Larry Hama do what he should've done 16 years earlier-keep writing the same comic. The results this time around-REALLY AWESOME.
-While the current GI Joe IDW continuity is a fun, action packed, breath of fresh air, it's nice that you CAN go home again. This issue-and title-features exactly what the classic GI Joe series had. GI Joe against COBRA, the enemy. Fighting to save the day. There's TONS of continuity with the classic series, but don't worry, IDW had been kind enough to reprint those all in trade(their maybe 1 or 2 more volumes coming before the complete run is collected). Who thought that anyone could put NEW twists and turns into an almost 30 year old comic? This issue is FULL of them. Old characters return, new mysteries are set up, and while it features a good number of Joes(& COBRAS), there's never too many that it gets confusing. One of the advantages is that they're all instantly recognizable because they're drawn in their classic fatigues/action figure uniforms. Most of which, surprisingly, still work. Their is one exception, though. Sorry, Crystal Ball.

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