Saturday, May 24, 2014

What I thought of...Batman Eternal #7

Batman Eternal #7: New players enter the gang war that's setting Gotham City ablaze!!
The Good: Woof. Not much. I thought that last week's issue was the worst that I've read of this series, but this one was even worse. A couple of story lines did move forward, there was some more introductions of new characters into the fray, a couple of fun team-ups, and a VERY interesting turn of events.
The Bad: There's a lot. I felt that this issue wasn't written as well as it should be. More than anything story wise, the biggest thing that I didn't like about this issue was the art. I'm just NOT a fan of Emanuel Simeoni. His art really doesn't fit this issue, let alone this series. I hope his run on this book is short. REALLY short.
The Verdict: I really CAN'T believe I'm saying this, but you might want to skip this issue. Now, I know this goes directly against what I said last week, but seriously, this issue was not that good and I'm sure that the things that happened in this week's issue will be recapped in future issues of the book.

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