Saturday, May 31, 2014

What I thought of...Batman Eternal #8

Batman Eternal #8: Like the Doobie Brothers, Batman is Takin It to the Streets!!!!
The Good: There is a LOT of good in this issue!! And talk about a page-turner! I found myself burning through this issue, because it's filled with action. Batman is on a tear trying to take down Falcone and all his gangs and hideouts. We get a nice couple of pages of Stephanie Brown and the conflict with her...let's just say problems. Something pretty big happens in the end, and while it's pretty surprising, it makes me wonder just where the story is going.
The Bad: If I had to pick something bad about this issue, I'd say it reads too quick. But, again, it's only because it's full of high octane action.
The Verdict: BUY. IT. And do it NOW!!

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