Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Ever since I was old enough to know what action figures were and realize the difference between Star Wars and Buck Rogers, there was one toy that I wanted that I never got.. And that was the Steve Austin Six Million Dollar Man figure. Just look at this huge piece of awesomeness:

When I finally DID get this toy for my birthday, I was a little dissappointed to learn just how huge it was. All my other toys were 3&3.75", he was a GIANT compared to all of them. Well, I had to wait about 30 years, but guess what? I'm finally getting my 4 inch Steve Austin figure!!!!! Courtesy of Zica Toys, they just sent out this press release yesterday:

"Six Million Dollar Man Action Figures Official Announcement!
New from ZICA Toys, The Six Million Dollar Man retro style action figures! Get ready to travel back to 1974 and relive the adventures of the world’s first bionic man. Sculpted in 3.75” scale, these harken back to the heyday of action figures, when the designs were simple and the fun factor was off the charts!

Assortment 1 includes Colonel Steve Austin (red tracksuit) and Bionic Bigfoot. ZICA Toys has big plans for this line and is hopeful that vehicles and playsets will eventually be available. Variants and exclusives are also planned but rest assured that everyone will have a fair opportunity to get them. Preorders are expected to begin soon so keep checking your favorite online retailer for more info."

-Best news ever!!!!! They don't mention a SDCC exclusive, but here's hoping they can get one out by the con. I can't WAIT to get these!! I'll post figure reviews, plenty of pictures and other goodies, but you'll have to wait about a week or so between the time they come out and the time I get it done. Because I'll totally be playing with these in my backyard!!

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