Monday, June 17, 2013

What I thought of...The Superior Spider-Man #12

Superior Spider-Man #12: Trapped on The Raft, Spidey's up against The Spider-Slayer, The Scorpion, The Vulture and Boomerang. Plus, JJJ's got a gun and there are some hostages.
The Good: Yikes. Not much good in this issue. I just didn't care for it at all. So, let's move on to..
The Bad: I'm getting pretty tired of Spidey talking about science instead of making jokes when fighting villains. REALLY sick of it, in fact. Add to that this story has been told about 100 times. And, the art. My God, the art!!! It's another "let's redesign the Spider-Man villains by making them more robotic!' type issue. Ugh. Not good. Just, not good.
The Verdict: Pass!!! Save your money for something else!! This whole story line is turning out to be forgettable and unnecessary.

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