Tuesday, June 18, 2013

What I thought of...Wolverine #5

Wolverine #5: Wolverine (with a tiny bit of help) takes on the evil entity that he's been battling since issue 1 of this series. And.....he's not doing so well.
The Good: THE WRITING! It's good, not great. This isn't the best issue that writer Paul Cornell has done. It's got plenty of action, a little intrigue, but doesn't do much to move the overall story forward. What it DOES have is some good Wolverine moments. Which is nice, because....
The Bad:..the art is NOT great. In fact, I hate to say it, it's almost not even good. I'm really shocked that Marvel couldn't find someone better than ARTHUR FONZERELLI to handle art chores on this issue. Seriously, not good.
The Verdict: Pass. It's the first chapter in a new, two issue story arc, and while I haven't read the second part yet,  I'm really thinking that you can skip this story completely. It has terrible art and contributes nothing of value to the overall value of the series.

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