Tuesday, June 25, 2013

What I thought of...Nova #5

Nova #5: Sam has The Ultimate Nullifier and has ZERO clue on how to use it. He's being chased by an old friend of his father's and there's an alien armada ready to attack Earth. Just another, ordinary, average day.
The Good: Loeb & McGuinness have created the BEST all ages book that's not for kids. Seriously, Marvel could have slapped an "all ages" stamp on this and, while it wouldn't have sold nearly as well, it would make a great kids book. This is a book that I would've LOVED when I was about 8 or 10 years old. Well, those days are long passed, but you know what? I still love the hell out of this book! I think the best word to describe it "charming",
The Bad: NONE!!! Nope, not a thing. There's really not one thing about this comic that I didn't like. I love Ed McGuinness' art, he draws everything like it's an old Masters of the Universe toy.
The Verdict: Grab TWO copies!!! One for yourself, and one to give to someone who's younger than you. You'll BOTH be thankful that you did. Highest recommendation possible!!

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