Tuesday, June 4, 2013

What you should buy...6/5/13

A decent sized week this week, a couple of real stand out books. Let's get to it!
Daredevil: Dark Nights #1: By LEE WEEKS!!!! Glad to see him doing a Daredevil story again, and it's pretty awesome!
Earth 2 #13: Captain Steel!!!!!
Miss Fury #3: A really fun take on this classic pulp heroin.
Green Arrow #21: This new creative team is kicking ass big time!!
Herobear and the Kid Special: I love Mike Kunkel's art so much and I loved this book when it was coming out before. Looking very forward to reading this.
All New X-Men #12: The X-Men vs The Avengers!!!!...wait a minute. Didn't we just read that?
Green Lantern #21: New creative team!!
The Lone Ranger #15: BOOK OF THE WEEK!!!!! This issue starts off a 4 part story taking The Ranger and Tonto across America. Great story, great art-BUY THIS!!!
-All these and many, many more comic in stores this week. As always, I'll be electrifying at Challengers Comics + Conversation, so if you're in Chicago, stop on by!!

HUGE HUGE HUGE Week!!!! A couple of giant releases (including a little movie called Man of Steel), including one on the MOST anticipated books of 2013:

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